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Capstar for dogs, Capstar for cats, CapAction, Quicktab, Fastcap and other nitenpyram generics. We provide Over-The-Counter Oral flea control supplements, products, and information to your pets in your fight against flea infestation.  Our Rescue and Sanctuary experience, and years of  research with dogs, feral cats,  and urban wildlife has given us a wealth of information and experience.  We pride ourselves as experts in flea management.  We  hope you find this information and our products meet your pets flea management needs.  WE NOW ACCEPT CC PAYMENTS BY PHONE.  PLEASE CALL US IF YOU DO NOT USE PAYPAL!!

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                       Why just Oral Flea Products such as Capstar for dogs and Capstar for cats, CapAction nitenpyram active ingredient in Capstar dog and Capstar cats etc? 

We just use and sell ORAL, Over-The-Counter (OTC) flea control because all other products, topicals, collars, and flea shampoos spread poison all over your pet and your enviroment.   

  • Collars tend to not work, are toxic and subjects you and your pet to the poison 24/7.  

  • Topicals spread even MORE poison all over you and your pet as well.

  • Flea shampoos are EXTREMELY TOXIC.  Read the directions and warnings,  It will tell you NEVER shampoo your pet two days in a row.  Because it can and WILL end in seazures and death.

We have broke down the active ingredients by their scientific names, to provide you with information to make an informed decision.  Thank you for visiting our new site, and your support for St. Francis Sancuary and our missions to help all of God's creatures. ​


Nitenpyram is natural, and derived from the tobacco family.  It is extremely difficult to overdose your pet. Once ingested, it is absorbed in your pets system, and your pet absorbs as much as needed and the rest is expelled harmlessly in their urine.  Compare it to buying 20 gals. of gas for your car that has a 10 gal. tank.  Once the 10 gals. are filled up, the rest of the gas falls harmlessly to the ground.  it does not hurt your car, NOR does it help your car. 

Nitenpyram, which is a OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) flea control supplement, is recommended for pets with sensitive skin.  We always recommend seeing your Vet before using any supplement.  Sold OTC at Big Box Stores and other retail locations .


"Studies have demonstrated that nitenpyram has a high margin of safety in dogs and cats and appears safe to use in reproducing males and females."

"The toxic syndrome is not elicited until more than 100 mg/kg (MORE THAN 100 times higher than the recommended use rate according to science dired) is administered to either dogs or cats "

The Oxford University chemical safety data documents an LD50 toxicology test on rats, both male and female, where doses are recorded as 1680 mg and 1575 mg per kg body weight respectively.  As such, the overdose limits for animals are quite high, reaching into grams, and the compound is seen as safe for daily use for animals. Human consumption is not recommended, though no side effects of indirect exposure are known to occur.


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As previosly stated, nitenpyram is a Over-The-Counter (OTC) natural ingredient derived from the tobacco family.  Given orally, it starts killing fleas within 15-30 minutes.  Your pet absorbs as much as needed, and expels the rest out of their system.  A FDA study, gave a group of cats 10 TIMES THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT FOR OVER 8 MONTHS with no adverse effects attributed to nitenpyram.

Compare it to having a car with a 10 gallon gas tank and buying 20 gallons of gas for it.  Once your car is filled up with 10 gallons of gas, the rest of the 10 gallons falls harmlessly to the ground.  It doesn't hur, nor does it help your car.  So giving more in a 24 hour period does not help kill more fleas.

It lasts for 24-32 hours in your pet, killing 100% of the adult fleas on your pet.

We recommend giving one dose for 3 days in a row.  The first day kills all the fleas on your pet, and the next two days your pet is covered and killing all the straggling fleas.  HEAVY INFESTATIONS we suggest giving every other day for 14 days or longer.  It is safe to give a dose every day for as long as it takes.  Even 2 or three months if needed!


Side effects are usually rare.  Mostly itching and/or hyper activity for an hour or so.  According to FDA, it's the fleas dying and NOT the nitenpyram.  Do not give to sick or weakly animals, or under 4 lbs., or under 5 weeks. 

One observed side effect is itchiness, suspected to be from the fleas dislodging. In the five hours after the treatment it was observed that cats were grooming themselves more, i.e scratching, biting, licking, and twitching. This will stop when the fleas have either flagged or have died. Other reported side effects are hyperactivity, panting, lethargy, vomiting, fever, decreased appetite, nervousness, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, salivation, incoordination, seizures, pupil dilation, increased heart rate, trembling and nervousness. In other studies no adverse effects were observed.  These side effects will subside usually within a couple of hours. 

Capstar for dogs (nitenpyram) and Capstar for cats (nitenpyram) and generic is safe to give to nursing animals, and pregnant occaisionally.  Studies have shown a possiblity of having an effect on fetuses if used in excess daily for a long period of time.   Like all supplements, contact your Vetrenarian before use.